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#1: Our New Website Launches! Author: AdminLocation: Sacramento, CA PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 12:24 am
As you can see, we have a newly designed website!

This will allow us to do a lot more online than what we have been able to do previously.

Many features are available only to our paid members - so if you are a member, please contact Alyssa to obtain login information for you to be able to login and access the member areas.

Note: for those of you used to a "static" site - this is what you would call a "dynamic" site. This means that the site is smart enough to recognize if you are logged in or not and thus it will change how the site appears to you once you have logged in.

Some menus will appear and disappear depending on the module that you are in, like the gallery. When you are in the Gallery, a special menu will appear on the left hand side that has controls for the gallery, but then it will disappear when you leave the gallery area. This is normal and actually quite handy.

The arrow on the navigation bar at the top will collapse and open the blocks, and if you click a block at the top, it will collapse that block. Just click it again to open it back up.

If you get confused, just post here and we can help you learn how to use and navigate this website - but don't worry - you will get the hang of it very quickly! :)

-> News & Announcements

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