Feb. 12th Educational Meeting - The World's Greatest Geological Wonders DVDs
Friday, February 13, 2015 (04:59:12)

Posted by Admin1

The Educational Meeting will start at 7pm, and tonight's educational presentation will a showing of one of the DVD series "The World's Greatest Geological Wonders: 36 Spectacular Sites". This is a six disk series, and each disk covers six geological sites! Should be pretty interesting to watch and learn about different areas and what is found there!

Remember this is also a potluck, so please bring along a little snack or something to share with everyone!

Following the presentation we will have our Raffle, Attendance Drawing, and last, but not least, our monthly Rockhound Auction. Up for auction tonight will be some faceted stones, quartz crystal clusters, a few slabs, fossils, some material perfect for tumbling, some of the stone keychains (that we made for the show but didn't get to put out), and whatever else our members might decide to bring to sell!

Also don't forget to bring in your February Monthly Challenge entry! The February Monthly Challenge is to bring in something RED that YOU made with a natural stone! All entries will be put into a drawing to win 3 free shop hours!!

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