July 9th Educational Meeting: The Minerals of Topaz Mountain
Wednesday, July 08, 2015 (09:39:15)

Posted by Alyssa

The Educational Meeting will start at 7pm, and tonight's speaker Jim Hutchings!

Jim will be doing an educational presentation about "The Minerals of Topaz Mountain". He will be discussing the geology and current access to such gemstones like Red Beryl, Topaz crystals, Psuedobrookite, Bixbyite, and Hematite. He will also be going over the necessary equipment and preparations for digging at this site, as well as have specimens for examining!

It is sure to be a great presentation!!

Remember this is also a potluck, so please bring along a little snack or something to share with everyone!

Following the presentation we will have our Raffle, Attendance Drawing, and last, but not least, our monthly live Rockhound Auction.

Also don't forget to bring in your June/July* Monthly Challenge entry! The June/July Monthly Challenge is to bring in anything made from agate!! All entries will be put into a drawing to win 3 free shop hours!!

* June & July's Monthly Challenge was combined since we skipped the meeting last month due to the CFSM show.

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