A moment of silence in SMS for Royalee Pierce-Cannon
Friday, September 02, 2016 (16:36:44)

Posted by Admin1

Brian has reported that his mother Royalee passed away last night ...

Brian J Cannon: It is with a Heavy Heart I say to you my Friends of the SMS that My Mother Royalee Pierce-Cannon Passed away Sept.1 @ 11:30 PM .... to go Rockhound in the next life ... please think of her

We at SMS all send our deepest condolences and prayers to Brian and his family at this time. Royalee WILL be DEEPLY missed by all of us that knew her.

She was EXTREMELY important to the club and is one of the main reasons why this club still exists. Her unflagging support and spirit and love for rocks made her be one of our most pivotal board members and she was amazing being the membership chair and handling the kids area for our show ... not only do I grieve for the personal loss of her but I grieve for the loss of such a wonderful and important member of our club.

She always asked what she could do for the club and not what the club could do for her. Always one of the first folks to step up and offer to help and do what needed to be done. She looked for solutions and worked to be a part of them as opposed to just nitpicking and browbeating, she stepped up and offered to be a part of the change in a tangible, physical way.

She loved the club and the people in it. She was one of the hearts that was a major cornerstone in rebuilding this club from the ground up. Her loss is massive and the ripples will be felt for years to come.

My heart goes to all of her family and friends during this time of profound loss and know that I and the SMS club are grieving deeply right along with you.

If there is anything that we can do, please let us know.


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