In Memory of Royalee Pierce-Cannon
Saturday, September 02, 2017 (03:16:40)

Posted by Alyssa

Let us have a moment of silence in memory of one of ours that left us last year, our beloved Royalee Pierce-Cannon. She passed away last year on Sept. 1st - very swiftly and unexpectedly and left a void that still remains in the club.

Feisty, friendly, spirited, opinionated, sassy, funny, energetic, she was a fun person to be around, and was a steadfast member. She served as a Shop Steward, board director and was an AMAZING Membership Director.

Always happy to help members ID rocks and go hunting for more to collect and help out the club, her boisterous banter and goodhearted mischievousness is greatly missed and will be for years to come.

In her memory, I established the Annual Royalee Pierce-Cannon Award - which is meant to honor those members that work tirelessly for the overall good of our club and it's members - much as she always did while she was with us.

Every year two members are chosen to receive the RPC Award that exemplify the same spirit, dedication, and commitment to the betterment and growth and progress of our Society and the members in it.

So at this time please take a moment - for those of you that knew her - remember her and smile and then for EVERYONE even those that never got to meet her ... go hug your loved ones and cherish them while they are here and then go play with some rocks because you know SHE would want that! :)

heart beat LOVE and MISS YOU ROYALEE heart beat


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